Our prices

Join us on one of our scuba diving or snorkeling tours. Explore the most beautiful dive sites with our experienced guides who will take you to the best spots and show you the most amazing underwater life. The sites to be visited are choosen in the morning based on ocean conditions and divers experiences. There are over 35 dive sites to all level of divers for a unique and unforgettable experience.

All equipment rental is charged per person per day.
Full scuba equipment (as part of a dive package) : 25.00$/US

Services :
We offer services of haul clean up at a rate of 50$US/hr. Picture/videos before and after provided. If 2 divers are required to clean a catamaran price per hour will double. 

  • 1 Dive                                                                 58,50$/US
  • 1 Dive South side (min 2 divers)                    135,00$/US
  • 2 Dives / Plongées                                          112,00$/US
  • 4 Dives / Plongées                                         218,00$/US
  • 6 Dives / Plongées                                         318,50$/US
  • 8 Dives / Plongées                                         428,00$/US
  • 10 Dives / Plongées                                       500,00$/US
  • 16 Dives / Plongées                                       800,00$/US
  • 20 Dives / Plongées                                       900,00$/US
  • 30 Dives / Plongées                                      1110,00$/US
  • 1 Night dive                                                       75,00$/US
  • Nitrox dive (additionnel per tank)                 10,00$/US