Voici 3 mois que nous plongeons dans les Antilles (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominique, Bequia) et c'est à Carriacou que nous avons vu les plus beaux fonds autant en richesse de corail qu'en variété de poissons : raies, requins nourrice, poissons chevaliers, crevettes nettoyeuses, murène noires, vertes, nudibranche, scorpion, une grande variétés de coraux très colorés... Magnifiques plongées à Tropical Hill, Something spécial, Two Sisters and Sea view. Diane est très accueillante, super disponible et très généreuse de conseils. Nous avons apprécié échanger en français. Nous aimons ces plongées en petit comité où l'on peut prendre le temps d'un échange humain. Grand qualité de ce club. Merci à Diane et Corinne qui nous ont permis de plonger à notre rythme, en prenant le temps de nous montrer plein de choses que nous n'aurions pas vu sans leur aide. On sent une grande expérience. Et tout ceci avec un grand naturel et une grande gentillesse. De jolis moments de partage. Merci aussi à Kelly (Kelwin McDonalds), capitaine du bateau qui est prévenant et bien sympathique 🙏 Un club de plongée très sérieux et sécure. Bref, super souvenir et on conseille grandement
Chantal et Jean-Yves sur Groucho
Feb. 2024
Had a great dive at Sister Rocks, seeing rich coralls, nurse sharks, lobsters, tons of fish, etc. etc. - and thanks for sharing all the professional pictures of the dive afterwards, these are great memories
Hedda F 
March 2023
 Simply the best Dec 2022 • Couples Richard and Raquel are top notch! The best of the best. As an experienced diver, it was a pure pleasure being treated to a good duo (team!). From pre-arrival to sadly leaving, love the service! Merci encore pour tout, Richard! Raquel, I’ll wish you and Seb the best futures! Drop us line when you are back north. xo
BangForBuck Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dec 2022
Amazing Dive Shop Nov 2022 • Solo I was referred to Lumbadive last year while visiting Grenada. I took a day trip to Carriacou where I had the pleasure of meeting Richard and Diane. Yesterday, I returned to Grenada after spending 5 days once again on Carriacou with Richard to obtain my advanced open water certification. I ended up doing 9 dives over 5 days, more than what was needed but to add to my comfort and experience. Richard by far is the best and most detail oriented instructor I have ever encountered. It’s not just his wealth and depth and breadth of knowledge but his approach. The way he explains things. His desire for the student to truly understand what he is teaching you. And making the student put the effort and the work in, not just giving the student the answer. In 5 days I went from an uncertain and nervous diver to someone who now possesses the fundamental/ core knowledge to keep me safe and my dive buddy safe. I am so beyond appreciate of Richard for this amazing experience and giving me the gift of diving. I highly recommend Lumbadive and a trip to Carriacou. The diving is incredible and Lumbadive is amazing.
twotanned West Palm Beach, FL6
Nov 2022
Had a great dive at Sister Rocks, seeing rich coralls, nurse sharks, lobsters, tons of fish, etc. etc. - and thanks for sharing all the professional pictures of the dive afterwards, these are great memories
Florian Grassi
Jun 2021
Best dive shop in Carriacou!
We first dove with Lumbadive 4 years ago and absolutely loved the team!! Richard by himself is enough to give the experience 5 stars- not to mention the incredible, colorful reefs we dove with our dive master, Racquel! We saw a ~65 year old turtle, and six reef sharks! For as long as we return to Carriacou, we will be diving here!
Emily S
Dec 2021

Excellent Dive Experience
We had a perfect day of diving with Richard of Lumbadive last week and the boat driver, Josh, was fantastic, too! As advanced divers, we enjoy being given a little freedom to explore, while still following the dive master and Richard provided just that. We dove Sisters Rock and then Something Special and both sites were wonderfully diverse in all forms of sea life. When we described things we saw once back on the dive boat, Richard knew exactly what we were describing by name. (We checked our DeLoach books later and he was spot on!) Lumbadive is a professional shop that clearly cares about making the best experience for their guests. We will be back!!
Sara G 
Jul 2020